Kithe Journal


Kithe Journal is an art and literary magazine that focuses on stories from independent and unknown authors. The word Kithe in Scottish translates to “being known, to be seen.” The client needed a logo as well as an editorial template that they could use to get the visual direction of the magazine going. The mark itself is based on the crested tit, a bird native to the Scottish region. It is recognizable in its unique feathered head shape and loves to make itself known. This was the perfect mascot for what Kithe Journal was trying to convey through its branding. The color palette was chosen based on different imagery of the Scottish countryside. This helped give the branding a natural look. The book layout was styled to look contemporary with a touch of modern flair to help it stick out while remaining very clean. The results of all this together will help give Kithe the foundation they need to keep the brand growing.

Photographs of the printed journal

Logo, type styles, and color all in action on the web/mobile

A natural color palette, based on the Scottish countryside

Process of early logo sketches/concepts

Evolution of the "bird" mark from start to final

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