Love, Smith
Branding | Wayfinding | Experiential Design
"Love, Smith" is a brand strategy being produced by the Smith Conferences and Events marketing and communications team. It's a rebranding strategy to bring some character back to the Student Union on campus. The problem is that there are many spaces on campus that feel like much more of a place to hang out for students, while Smith has been this building without a soul. This was my first time working with a large team on a design project. I brought to this project revisions to the branding, high-quality photography, and a wayfinding/signage system to use throughout the building. This is still a collaborative project that is ongoing with a plan to be completely rebranded all over throughout the next couple years. Below is an example of the current works installed and preparing to be installed in the spaces. 

One of the designs displayed when you enter the building from the first floor.

Love, Smith manifesto, which was written by a member of our marketing and communications team. I revised and completed a final design to be used throughout the building. This is now displayed throughout the student union.

Welcome signage posted at each entrance of the building, using the new branding for Smith.

Reworked the signage for the box office. Our team had the wall painted to make it stick out, and I designed the signage pointing to the hallway, and the titles beside the box office window.

Wayfinding to give some character to the empty stairways. 

More wayfinding.

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