Silk Road Conference
Branding | Typography
Art and Archaeology of the Silk Road is an international conference taking place at Portland State University. The goal was to create a brand that would relate well to their wide audience of international guests, academic guests, and current students. It needed to have it’s own identity from the university since it is an international conference, but still appeal to current students. The problem was making a design that captured the general feeling and art of the time period, while also being presented in a professional manner suitable enough to attract art and academic guests from other countries. 
The Mark
The colors were chosen to reference the trade route itself and crossing the hot desert with camel caravans. The illustration was created from sketching out different symbols and patterns that referenced the texture and flourish seen in some of the architecture of the time. Lots of flourishes were used and I wanted this to be incorporated into the mark itself. The final solution to these problems were well received by the client.

The client needed promotional materials after the mark was made. I created a system that could hold the large amounts of copy provided while still retaining a clean and professional look that would represent the department and university proudly. I incorporated some of the visual style from early brand concepts.

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