Hobson's Choice Books
Branding | Creative Direction
Hobson’s Choice Books is a small book store owned and operated by two sisters, outside Portland, Oregon. The clients were in need of a brand identity that would grow with their business. It needed to be simple and adaptable to use across a wide range of collateral while also capturing a feeling of magic and wonder. They wanted something that felt personal and homey while being mysterious and unique.

With one of the sisters having Rose in their name and sharing this with the nickname for Portland, it was obvious to bring this in as a visual element to the branding. Using an illustrative and personal style on the logo helps bring in a sense of familiarity and childlike wonder, while the color palette based on Portland's urban forests brings in natural wanderlust vibes that people have come to know the region for. All of these pieces together helped create a brand that is both true to the Pacific Northwest and something that will stick out from competitors.

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