Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa

Environmental | Production | Branding

Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa is a resort located in Pacific City, Oregon. They are owned and operated by the Kiwanda Hospitality Group. They are a one-of-a-kind resort on the Oregon coast, featuring complete packages that include adventure planning, spa treatments, and an in-house restaurant. With the coast as its backyard and the wilderness as its neighbor, there is plenty to experience here. I contributed to their brand development by creating a canvas map mural that features the many different activities that this part of the Oregon Coast has to offer. I also created a system of icons to categorize each activity into different groups, which then were translated into print pieces for brochures and digital ones for their online adventure planner. I also developed different print pieces to go along with the map that people staying at the resort could take with them, as well as production design on menus for the restaurants, business cards, and other collateral needs.
Agency Coates Kokes | CEO Jeanie Coates
Brand Manager Briana Romancier
Photography Chapin Hemmingway

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