Coates Kokes + Design Week Portland

Illustration | Creative Direction | Event Planning

Coates Kokes is a full-service PR agency in downtown Portland. In 2019, they decided to host their first-ever open house for Design Week Portland. I was tasked with creating the visual identity for the event, including wayfinding, illustrations, and collateral development of what the company does. 

A few poster designs from the different stations during the event.

An icon set to use on nametag lanyards, buttons, postcards, etc.

Mock of the buttons in action. Personal fave being the dino-dude of course!

Inspo came from the creative pod interior artwork we developed collectively. 

We wanted to create artwork that captured a bit of everyone's personality and roles from web development to graphic design.

Creative pod in action with new office interior artwork.

An interactive piece where I illustrated type on the wall to encourage guests to share what good things they did.

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