Queer for Beer


Queer for Beer was my senior thesis for design school. It's meant to showcase my different interests and skill set within design, from photography to UX design. Queer for Beer is part podcast, part branding project, but all parts awesome. The problem is that there is a lack of queer perspective on the brew scene here in Portland, which is a shame! I've always been one of those stereotypes who only liked cocktails and well drinks, and so were a couple of my friends. The solution? To brand a brew tour, that consisted of gay perspectives and queer workers in the scene, and to bring all this together in one neat package. We interviewed different workers in the area and I hosted a meet up at our favorite brewery from our tour to promote the brand.

Hand illustrated iconography to use throughout the brand.

Everyone who came to the meet-up got a free beer tasting journal, where you got to "toot" or "boot" beers—thank you Drag Race for the fabulous idea

Different photographs from the tour, including two of the Beer Queers, and an employee from Widmer we interviewed

Custom ordered pint glasses to give out to friends of the Beer Queers

An idea to help promote the brand was to create a couple mini podcast episodes that were live recordings of the Beer Queers tooting and booting their drinks.

Since I have a strong interest in interface design, I included a mock of what an app of the brand may look like. It was an exploration in using new software (Adobe Xd) and designing with Google's Material Design in mind. You can click the image above to try it out in a new tab, or use the live view below.

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