Pride Campaign & Pride at Campus Rec


Pride means celebrating who you are and who you love. Pride means being bold and not afraid of what others think of you. Pride is about bringing a community together through educating and inspiring one another. Pride Campaign was originally a school project to create a brand for a weekend long event. Throughout the process, the project evolved into promotional branding for Pride at Campus Rec. 
Event posters will be displayed around town, in magazine spreads, newspapers and more! Two different formats are used. One detailed featuring all event copy, the other just displaying the tagline and theme of the day to show off the visual language of the festival. Both formats create versatility in use. 
The Mark
The mark was created to be friendly, yet bold and attention grabbing to translate the feeling of pride. Tight and bold letterforms evoke confidence, while the handmade quality brings in a feeling of inclusiveness and friendliness. The typical rainbow color choice is used but in reverse order to create a unique twist to the classic palette. The primary mark is the reversed order of the rainbow colors. The mark can also use colors of each queer subculture group to use as promotion for themed events or themed branding. 
Most of the branding type is hand-done to convey the friendly and inclusive feeling of Pride, yet it’s still big and bold to evoke confidence. There are two styles of thick and thin. Thick for large titles and to create dramatic hierarchy, and thin for short copy or subheads. Usual is the accompanying typeface used for body copy. It’s bold and structured look captures the feeling of the brand. 
Pride at Campus Rec
For Spring Term 2017, Campus Rec is hosting a duo of Pride themed events to create a safe and inclusive space for students and staff on campus. Using the Pride branding I created a set of posters and branding for these events using a lot of the elements from the branding project. I created all promotional materials, and did the event photography for the Pride Pool Party, featuring an amazing local drag queen, Poison Waters.
Event photography I took during the Pride Pool Party, featuring Portland's own, Poison Waters!

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