Shorepine Rebrand

Branding | Production Design

Shorepine Vacation Rentals is a rental home vacation company with locations along the Oregon Coast. They approached Coates Kokes in need of a rebrand to spark excitement back into vacationing at the coast. We were tasked with creating the new brand identity, including coming up with a new name, color palette, and of course a new logo. I created many initial concepts for different names, but in the end, the client settled on the Open Nest concept. Below are samples of the final mark, as well as the process that led to its development.

Final mark in color and reversed out.

The original mark at the top, and some concepts created during the initial round.

The client chose to go with Open Nest as the new name, so I created four unique directions they could go in.

The final phase of logo development refined by the Brand Manager.

Process map.

Icon system concepts to differentiate the grouping of rental homes.

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